WELCOME TO MERCY CHURCH.   Mercy Church will be a periodic house church opportunity that (at least for now) will follow the major events of the church calendar (ex: Advent, Easter, Pentecost, etc).


WHY HOUSE CHURCH.   We wanted to start offering something on Sundays because we realized we needed a place to celebrate, grieve, and grow in faith with the friends and neighbors who we’re already doing actual life alongside and/or we hope to be doing actual life alongside.


COFFEE, BATHROOM, BABIES.   There is coffee in the kitchen, the bathroom is down the hall, and the babble and movement of babies is entirely welcomed in this space since we want to make an environment where kids can experience faith and community with their parents. That being said, if they start getting antsy and you start getting nervous and need a separate place to go, you can go into the office of of the foyer or up the stairs to the common space. Things are casual here, you’ll see. 


YELLOW HOUSE.   This house is used during the week as a young adult internship in intentional christian community. If you’d like to know more about the internship, feel free to ask an intern questions over lunch (or browse the website for more info).


An image of one version of the liturgical calendar borrowed from Pymble Uniting Church's website.

An image of one version of the liturgical calendar borrowed from Pymble Uniting Church's website.

WORSHIP IN A ROUND, THE CHURCH CALENDAR, & LITURGY.  Having a Sunday experience that is communal and not divided in a stage/audience format is important to us—which is why we choose to worship in a round (as an actual circle shape in a living room) and use call-and-response liturgy. The Church calendar has been followed by many different Christian denominations for hundreds and hundreds of years. It divides the year into seasons, starting with Advent (today) and includes times like Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter, Pentecost, and a ton of feast days. The church calendar has not only given the global church a way to connect, but it also offers a cyclical rhythm to our very busy and ever-changing lives. So for now, we decided to begin meeting on Sundays that line up with the church calendar…skipping Christmas this first go around since people have already made holiday plans, but picking back up with Epiphany in January (see the list of dates for the next five months on the back). Liturgy just means “the work of the people,” and we use the very old call and response style to offer a chance for everyone to engage together. However, though it is an ancient practice, we compile and create old and new liturgy that both connects us to the church at large while also making it relevant to our lives and culture now. The leader reads the unbolded parts while the group reads the bolded together. 

RESOURCES. We want to be practicers, promoters, and facilitators of intentional Christian communal living. It can be hard to find resources to know how to practically apply faith together in our world today. The Yellow House is constantly producing material to help spur on conversation and action—most of which can be found on the website and/or are shared through the monthly e-newsletter. Ask us for more details!



We'll meet in the living room of the YH for worship at 10:30 on each of these Sundays, followed by a potluck lunch directly after. Bring your favorite dish to share!

11/29 ADVENT


2/14 LENT