We'll meet in the living room of the YH for worship at 10:30 on each of these Sundays, followed by a potluck lunch directly after. Bring your favorite dish to share!

11/29 Advent

1/10 Epiphany

2/14 Lent

3/27 Easter

5/15 Pentecost

A PDF Leader's Guide for Morning Prayer

We meet for prayer each weekday morning in the YH living room from 8-8:30am. For those of you who can't join us due to distance, work schedule, etc. but would like to start a group in your own context, here's a quick glimpse into how we do things that we hope will help to get you started. Download below.

Covenant Group

Some of us in the surrounding community of the Yellow House have found this "rule of life" helps us to order our lives around ethics & values that help us embody our faith more holistically in our everyday lives. Additionally, the questions that follow it help us to provide each other with support and accountability that spurs us on in these pursuits of living a faithful life. 

(Thanks to our friends at the Missional Wisdom Foundation for this helpful resource!)