Line Crossing Faith...

We loved having a full living room last night for our Line Crossing Faith event! We shared stories from our Yellow House trip to Arizona/Mexico this past December, watched a short documentary, and had a conversation about immigration and what's going on currently on and around the US-Mexico border.

A photo taken during the film screening last night.

A photo taken during the film screening last night.

We hoped that sharing these stories might raise awareness about what’s really happening on the border, might humanize what has been mostly just a "political issue” in our minds, and might help us to start conversations that lead to compassionate action as we seek to respond faithfully as God’s people in the world…Asking and answering this question, among others: How do we follow our call to welcome the stranger at this time in this place?

Thanks to everyone who joined us for this conversation! It's not an easy one to navigate in all its complexity, but an important one to be having even still (or all the more). So let's keep the conversation going! Below are links to resources where we can learn more about what's happening and how we might help:

This is the 25 minute film we watched together at the event. It's part of a PBS series on U.S. immigration policies that examines how Obama administration policies are leading to the deportation (and ultimately the deaths) of thousands of undocumented workers who have worked in the United States for decades, even raising families here.