Geographical Proximity

Highland Peace March


Highland and Cedar Grove neighbors organized peace marches in response to the recent shootings in our neighborhoods and in an effort to get caring neighbors visibly united to show that we are standing for communities that are safe and loving! (See photos below and read more about the march on the event page.)

The following is a reading we did together during our walk...

We believe, even in the night when the sirens sound or the gunshots are heard, that we don't have to spiral into a panic.

Let us remember that good is greater than evil.

We believe, even when we see crime reports or hear people talking poorly about our part of town, that there is so much good here to celebrate. Like the diversity, the community, the unique festivities, and the friendships.

Let us remember all of the things that are positive about our neighborhood.

We believe, even when we're not quite sure if anyone else cares, that there are far more people who do than we often realize.

Let us remember the strength in knowing our neighbors.

We believe, even when we feel alone, unheard, or without the ability to change things, that there is still great power in friends coming together to care for a place and its people.

Let us remember that we need each other, that we are here, that we are close, and that we care.


Responsive reading written by Britney Winn Lee 

Photos by Emily Pitts, Community Renewal Int. and Sarah Duet

The wisdom of stability (A conversation with jonathan wilson-hartgrove)

We were honored to invite Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove into our home, our neighborhood, and our city last week! If you missed our conversation with him at the Yellow House or just want to listen again, check out the complete recording of Wednesday night in the above audio player.

Watch the short book trailer if you're curious about the book of his that we studied in January, Wisdom of Stability. We're so grateful for the challenges, encouragements, and stories that it is filled with, which have been helping us learn how to put down roots of love in this place with these people over the last few years.