The Yellow House has opened the application process for our Aug’14 – May'15 internship. We’ll be taking applications from now until the end of March!

The internship is an intimate, transformational opportunity for young adults to live in intentional community while taking part in teachings and daily service in the context of an at-risk neighborhood. Interns spend their mornings working at their own respective part time jobs, and spend each afternoon Monday – Thursday learning and serving together in the neighborhood. Interns contribute $200 a month to help cover the communal utilities. We are looking to fill 2 girl’s rooms and 3 guy’s rooms for the upcoming year, and would love your help finding those people who will make our experience and our neighborhood better! 21 and up (or out of college) is the age requirement.

Applications close at the end of March, and acceptance letters will be sent out at the first of May. If you have any questions, you can email us at for more information or request an application here. Thanks so much for taking time to read, and we hope you'll consider helping us spread the news!



Thanks again,

Britney Lee, Sarah Duet, and the Yellow House Family